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Why are CBD Tinctures So Popular

When most people think of hemp products, they think of tinctures. Nearly every store that carries CBD products has at least one tincture option on its shelf. They are also one of the most popular niches available on the market. But the question remains, why are they so popular?

CBD tinctures, and in more recent years minor cannabinoid tinctures, have become popular with a wide variety of people for many different reasons. Their flexibility on many different fronts has made this type of product one of the most popular niches in the entire hemp industry. But what exactly makes CBD tinctures so special?

More Flexibility with Serving Sizes

Tinctures allow each individual to choose how much they consume. While the thought of measuring serving sizes may be daunting to some, it allows greater flexibility for those with a higher tolerance or those who may need a smaller serving size than what many edibles offer. 

It is advisable for those new to CBD to start with a smaller serving size. Most brands begin their serving sizes at 10mg per individual, however, those who wish can start with an even smaller serving size and adjust until the desired effects are achieved.

A Wide Variety of Flavors to Choose From

When shopping for the perfect tincture, brand and potency are not the only factors to consider. Tinctures can come in a variety of flavor options. Flavors can include fruit, peppermint, sweet choices, and natural. The variety of flavor options allows for countless combinations and allows those who use tinctures more flexibility in how they consume them.

When choosing a flavored CBD tincture, it is important to look at the ingredient list. Many brands will list the ingredients in a number of places, including directly on the label and on their website. Knowing what ingredients were used can make a huge difference in your experience with CBD tinctures.

Water Soluble Takes Your Tincture Game Up a Notch

When water soluble options hit the market, it opened new doors for the popular hemp product niche. Unlike traditional tinctures, water soluble tinctures can be blended into beverages without separating or leaving a film on top.

According to a study published by the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University, “The water-soluble preparations appeared to display superior CBD pharmacokinetics.” In the report, 14 males underwent a placebo controlled, randomized study observing the effects of consuming CBD in different ways.

Their results found, “Consistent with previous studies of CBD formulations prepared for use in beverages, the water-soluble preparations in the current study proved superior to the hydrophobic, lipid-soluble preparations.”

Consume Orally

Tinctures are also popular due to their ability to be consumed orally. After measuring out the desired serving size, usually with a dropper, it can be consumed either by depositing the tincture directly into the mouth or by mixing it into food or drink.

For maximum efficacy, the sublingual method is preferred to get the most out of your CBD tincture. Underneath your tongue, there are several saliva ducts known as the sublingual glands. These glands produce a minimal amount of saliva compared to other glands. By placing the tincture underneath the tongue, it can be absorbed through the sublingual ducts. This gives individuals who use this method quicker and more efficient results.

Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

Mix into Food or Drink

Not a fan of the sublingual method? Tinctures can be consumed in more than just one way. Mixing a tincture into your food or drink has become a popular option with many.

Mixing tinctures into coffee and tea has become favorite options for many who want to take their routine up a notch. Flavored tinctures can add a bit of extra self-care to each mug. By using water soluble tinctures, there will not be a filmy residue left on the surface of the liquid. Simply add the desired serving size of tincture to your favorite drink, stir thoroughly, and enjoy!

Using tinctures in food has also become popular in recent years. CBD can be added to existing recipes, including desserts and main dishes. Even flavored tinctures can be paired to compliment your signature dish. However you choose to incorporate CBD into your cooking, it is sure to take it to the next level.

The Bottom Line

However you prefer to consume CBD, tinctures are a must have product for any hemp enthusiast. The flexibility offered by tinctures makes them an ideal fit for many different people. Unlike other options on the market, these appeal to those both new and experienced with CBD.

When choosing the right hemp product for your needs, it is important to know the facts. And understanding how to consume a product is at the top of the list. The many different ways to consume CBD tinctures have made this particular niche one of the most popular in the entire industry.