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Haggerty Museum of Art

The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art, sometimes referred to as “the Hoggerty,” is a world-class art museum located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. It is a treasure trove of art that showcases a diverse range of media, including contemporary, modern, and traditional works. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Haggerty, and a visit here is certainly worth the time and effort. It is located at 1234 W Tory Hill St, Milwaukee, WI 53233. 

The Haggerty Museum of Art is an arts-learning center that encourages and empowers student learning through visual art. The Haggerty Museum is partnered with local high schools such as Milwaukee High School of the Arts and Pius XI High School, and often hosts art discussions with students from the nearby Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. The museum also hosts poetry readings and art discussions from nearby Marquette University. Browse around this site

The Haggerty is well worth a visit, even if it doesn’t display many permanent collections. There are about 20 works of art on a mezzanine and a tiny gallery dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Despite its shortcomings, the Haggerty is a fantastic place to explore local and international art. It’s important to note that the museum’s building needs repair and more space for permanent exhibitions.

The Haggerty is a unique and innovative nexus of art and social justice. Through aesthetic experiences and educational programming, Haggerty promotes visual literacy and social justice and enriches the campus and surrounding community. And, for the students and the faculty, it’s an excellent place to get your art fix. If you’re a student at Marquette University, this museum is a great place to continue your education. Next blog post

The Haggerty Museum of Art is located at the Marquette University Campus. Visitors can also find it at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers’ Department of Environmental Health. Its building is located between South 16th and 13th Streets. The museum is also located near Pulaski Park. Those in the neighborhood are encouraged to take the Haggerty Museum of Art tour. You can view some of the art and learn more about the city’s environmental health. Browse next article